Craigslist Image Ads - Convert your text and html ads to an image

Here are some reasons to use Image Ads on Craigslist and Backpage

  • Use unrestricted html code to design your craigslist ads
    You can create attractive html templates for your ads only to find that craigslist place limitations on the use of certain html codes. This can be quite frustrating and you have two options if you still want to get your ad posted. You must either water down your fancy html to remove all the unwanted codes or convert your html ad to an image which will preserve its attractiveness.
  • Prevent keyword blocking and ghosting by craigslist
    Sometimes your ad body may contain certain keywords that have been blocked by craigslist. Craigslist will prevent you from posting the ad that has the blocked keyword. The only way to get around this is to convert the ad to an image. Words in images do not get filtered by craigslist.
  • Use clickable Image Ads to drive traffic to your website
    One of the great benefits of using craigslist is that it can help drive traffic to your websites which may lead to increased business. When you use image ads, you can make the Image clickable and trackable. To make your Image clickable please see the html example below.
    <a href=""><img src="http://my-image-url-example.jpg" /></a>
    To track your Image Ads so you know when the Images are viewed and clicked, please see Image Trackers in the member area.
  • Avoid craigslist flaggers searching for your ads
    If you have used craigslist for some time, you will know that there are craigslist flaggers out there ready to take your ad down once they find it. More often than not, it is usually your competition doing the flagging. There is really no sure-fire way to avoid craiglist flagging since you can't control the actions of individuals looking at your ad. But you can take steps to reduce flagging by making your ad not as easily identifiable to your craigslist competition. Usually certain keywords in your ads will give it away easily to searches by your competition but when you use an image ad, there is less chance of them finding it easily.
  • Control when your images are displayed to visitors
    With image ads, you can control the displaying of the images on your visitor's browser. One good application of that will be to block the image from displaying when a suspected flagger has visited your ad. You can identify flaggers by IP address on the IP monitoring page in the member area. You will be able to prevent flaggers from viewing your image ads once you know their IP addresses.
  • Animated Image Ads
    You can make your Image Ads more lively by combining several images into one. The images will flash one at a time at a speed you get to specify. See example below:
    Example Animated Image
    You will be able to this when you upload and host your Images with us.
  • Ad rotation capability
    Display one version of your Image Ad to a visitor and display another version of your Image Ad to another visitor all in one ad.
    Example: One version of this Image is displayed below but it will change to a different version if you reload the page.
    Example Car Ad with Image Rotation
    Here is the code for the Image:
    <img src="">
    You will be able to attach one single image code to your ad body and display different images to your visitors based on your custom configuration:
    1. Round-robin option - Your images will be displayed in one after the other every time your ad is opened
    2. Unique visitors option - Show one image the first time a visitor opens your ad and show a second version to a repeating visitor

    Please see Image Tracking in the member's area for more information.
  • Upload to Image Hosting Sites
    Once you convert your text or html ads to an image, you can then upload and share them on image hosting sites like photobucket, imageshack and so on. Or better yet host your images on CraigslistAdTracker and get these additional benefits: 1) Tracking, 2) IP Blocking, 3) Animated Images and Slidshows, and 4) Image Rotation
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